Schooled in Fitness promotes a safe and encouraging place for students before school, while motivating them to get their mind and body moving in positive ways that will not only enhance metabolism but also increase brain function and prepare them for a more successful school experience. SiF provides training and consultations for your coaches to utilize the questions and exercise program developed by SiF staff to motivate students to reach their highest potential.


It is the philosophy of SiF that exercise before learning increases cognitive function and improves a child’s ability to concentrate, learn new skills and make more appropriate behavioral decisions. Providing a safe environment where students can gather, learn healthy habits and exercise will positively affect the attendance, grades and behavior of those in the program.

Mission Statement

The mission of Schooled in Fitness is to promote and support the dynamic impact of physical activity on a child's mind, body and trajectory of life, and to foster the ability of all children to find the good in every situation. 

Why workout before school?

Schooled in Fitness is unique because it challenges kids both mentally and physically before school. SiF not only meets the needs of low-income families that need before school care but it provides an opportunity for kids to learn, exercise and be mentored before the school day begins. 

But why does it matter when we exercise?


Charles Hillman, associate professor of kinesiology and neuroscience at the University of Illinois found that kids had more accurate responses on standardized tests when they were tested after moderate exercise, as opposed to being tested after 20 minutes of sitting still. His results lend support to the idea that just a single aerobic workout before class helps boost kids' learning skills and attention spans. (Hillman, Charles-Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 2007). Research on the correlation between physical activity, enhanced learning and better grades is on the rise. 

The impact of exercise on the brain.

Dr. John Ratey's book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain details the effects of exercise on cognitive function.

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