Our Consultants

Christina Lindsey is the founder, designer and lead consultant for Schooled in Fitness. She is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor with a Specialization in youth fitness and over 5 years experience teaching and coaching. Christina's passion for empowering and mentoring youth sparked a desire to create and implement the SIF program. After several successful programs launched in the local area, Christina wanted to reach even more. Her desire to help mentor and educate children across the country prompted a launch into consulting services. Her dream is to change the paradigm of before school programs to encourage a mind and body connection to learning.  

Deric Patton is the technical consultant and data analyst for Schooled in Fitness. With many years experience in the fitness and technical industries, Deric has a passion to provide innovative opportunities for those seeking to enhance their fitness programs. His expertise in problem-solving, data analysis, and program streamlining provide schools and administrators with valuable information on setup and implementation of programs. 

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