Benefits of SIF 

Benefits to the Community
Benefits to the School
Benefits to the Students
  • Community volunteer opportunities to mentor students

  • Fewer behavioral issues throughout the community

  • Greater knowledge of health and fitness carries  over into families, leading to lower percentages of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other health issues.

  • Increased attendance of participants

  • Better concentration leads to improved test scores and grades

  • Greater enthusiasm for learning

  • Less behavioral issues of those in the program

  • Community involvement

  • Increases cognitive function

  • Improves a child's ability to concentrate and learn new skills

  • Increases a child's ability to make  appropriate behavioral decisions

  • Provides a safe environment where students can gather, learn healthy habits and exercise

  • Improves physical health

  • Fosters positivity and self confidence

  • Eases the symptoms of ADD/ADHD

  • Provides children with an encouraging start to their day

  • Free before school care



What parents are saying:
What teachers are saying:
What students are saying:

Schooled in Fitness helps students make better food choices and builds self confidence. My son participates in other activities but School in Fitness is one of his favorites because he had the opportunity to gather with friends at the top of the morning to learn more about being physically fit for a lifetime.  -Katrena

As a mom, I am so thankful to have a program like this available for my son and the kids at our school. Schooled in Fitness makes learning about proper health and nutrition fun for the kids and communicates the proper info so the kids understand how to use it in their everyday life. - Jessica


"I think SIF wakes him up and I definitely can see a difference from the days he doesn't attend SIF. He is ready to participate and learn on the days he has SIF. "


"[Student] is now performing above grade-level in all subjects. The beginning of the year [before S iF participation] he was at grade-level."


"[Student] participates a lot more frequently, and does it more independently rather than me having to ask her like before."

"I like Schooled in Fitness because it wakes me up in the morning and I can get stronger. I can also learn new ways to get stronger at home. After Schooled in Fitness I feel energized and happy." -Aric, grade 3

"Schooled in Fitness makes me feel ready for class." - Evan, grade 1

"It gets us to exercise in a fun way. It makes me feel ready to start the day. - Angel, grade 5

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