The Pledge: Today I will do my best.  I will encourage my classmates; I will respect my teachers and coaches; and I will be ready to learn. I will FIND THE GOOD in every situation.


​Schooled in Fitness coaches encourage students beginning with a daily pledge to try their best, encourage others, listen to and respect teachers and coaches and to find the good in every situation. 



Coaches mentor students to make healthy choices for mind and body, build self-esteem and set and achieve SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-based) goals in all aspects of life. 


SiF promotes a safe and welcoming environment for students filling the gap for low-income families that need to drop their children off before the school is ready to receive them. 


SiF trains volunteer coaches to utilize the program of age-appropriate health and fitness related questions that complement the education provided by teachers. 


Students are motivated to reach their highest potential through a series of simple but effective exercises that get their mind and body moving in positive ways not only enhancing metabolism but also increasing cognitive function preparing students for a more successful school experience. 


​What does that mean? 

We believe that focusing on the good in every situation encourages a positive life. 

What we do...

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